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We highly recommend buying our special jewelry cleaner – SparkleSparkle, or come into our store to have your jewelry cleaned for free!

But just in case you do not have a bottle on hand here are some tips and tricks to get your jewelry sparkling from your home!

Cleaning Fine Jewelry

Here are the supplies you need for cleaning off fine jewelry at home! You are going to need:

  1. A dish

  2. Lukewarm water

  3. Soft bristle tooth-brush

  4. Mild dish detergent

To create the cleaner, mix a drop of the mild dish detergent in a bowl with lukewarm water. Then soak the jewelry in the water for a couple of minutes, however, If your gemstones are extremely delicate do not leave them in the mixture for more than a few seconds, then scrub gently with a soft-bristled tooth-brush.

Cleaning Silver Jewelry

To clean silver jewelry you are either going to need silver polish or make some of your own!

To make some of your own simply mix together:

  1. Tinfoil

  2. Baking Soda

  3. Salt

  4. Water

Line the bottom of a pan with the aluminum foil, leaving the shiny side facing upwards. Then place the jewelry in the pan so it is touching the foil. Next, sprinkle some baking soda and salt onto the pan. The ratio of baking soda and salt depends upon how much water you are using.. Use one tablespoon for every cup of water. After sprinkling the salt and baking soda onto the pan, pour boiling hot water over it until the jewelry is completely submerged. Let the jewelry sit in the solution until the blemishes start to disappear. Afterward, carefully remove the jewelry and dry with a cloth that’s lint-free.

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