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Ring Sizing Guide


We Get A Lot Of Questions About Ring Sizing Every Day. 

Here Are A Few That We Can Answer For You.


How Much Does It Cost To Size a Ring?


The Price Depends On A Few Factors. 

We Will Need To Know:

•    Karat & Metal Type (Ex. 14K White Gold)    

 •    Band Width (The Thicker The Ring, The More Metal We Need To Add Or Remove)    

 •    Does The Ring Have Stones? How Many? (Sizing The Ring May Affect The Angle Of The Stones, So Our Goldsmiths Need To Check And Tighten Each Stone To Ensure They’re Secure.)    

 •    Are You Sizing Up Or Down? How Many Sizes? Refer To Our International Ring Sizing Chart Below To Figure Out What Size Your Ring Is.  

However, Sizing Eternity Bands (Rings With Stones Around The Entire Band) Is A Labor Intensive Process, If Sizing Can Even Be Done At All. Just Bring Your Ring In And We Will Determine The Best Possible Option To Fit Your Needs And Budget. 


Will Sizing Affect its Integrity?


Typically, No

However, Each Ring Is Different And The Type Of Metal, Amount And Type Of Stones, Thinness Of Shank, Age And Current Condition May Affect This Answer. Again, Just Bring The Ring In So Our Team Of Experts Can Properly Assess. Can you size rings made from alternative metals? Some Alternative Metals Can Be Resized, Others Cannot. 


List of the Common Alternative Metals


Typical Metals Include Gold, Silver And Platinum. 


How will I get the ring over my knuckles?


Don’t Worry – You’re Not The Only One With Knuckle Issues. As We Get Older, Our Hands And Knuckles Tend To Change. There Are A Few Different Options That We Can Go Over With You When You Bring In Your Ring, Such As Sizing Assistants And Adjustable Shanks. 

People Come Into Our Store Every Day With This Issue, So Our Team Is Proficient In Finding The Best Option For You While Staying Within Your Budget. My ring spins when I put it on. 

Can that be fixed with sizing? 

A Spinning Ring Is Quite Frustrating, Whether Because It’s Top Heavy Or Just Too Big. In Addition To Sizing A Ring To The Right Size, We Suggest Using A Sizing Assistant To Make Sure The Ring Stays Where It’s Supposed To Be.  

*What Makes Us Different At Scottsdale Fine Jewelers Is That We Will Not Accept Payment Until You Are Absolutely Satisfied With The Work We’ve Done. Ring Sizing Is Not An Exact Science And We Will Continue To Make Changes Until The Ring Fits Perfectly. Your Happiness Is What Makes Us Successful.



International Ring Sizing Chart

ring size guide

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